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Welcome to the website of Alubrass

Welcome to the website of Alubrass. Primary business is the distribution of joinery fittings. We offer dozens of designs, finishes and types of products.

The ALUBRASS provides optimal customer service, guided by quality, affordable price of products.

Thanks to hard work, our company evolves, creating a wide range of customers, satisfied the quality of services offered. Wholesale trade is carried out throughout the country, the supply chain includes industry, carpentry and warehouse facilities.

In addition, we have a dynamic group of sales representatives operating in all regions involved in consulting, sales and service potential of our products.


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32-440 Sułkowice
ul. Ślusarska 8

phonetel./fax 12 256 31 00

Sales Office
32-040 Swiatniki Gorne
ul. F. Bielowicza 16